New Design Collection - Retro Rainbow

50 States of Gay is happy to announce a new design collection that was launched last week. Our Retro Rainbow design series combines a new, but retro looking, interpretation of the Pride Flag, which is combined with the two letter abbreviation for each state. So we have a design that covers all 50 of the States of the United States.  

What is Retro? It’s when a design imitates a style of fashion from the past, and becomes new, and fashionable again. We are seeing the design ethic from the 70’s and 80’s, and some surf culture, come back into fashion.  

50 States of Gay uses the colors of the Pride Flag, in new ways and designs, to represent you, your life, lifestyle, and the state you live in. It’s a bright, full color, beautiful and bold design.  

We utilize comfortable fabrics, with a soft hand, for all the t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, and other items. This  makes them feel good to wear all year round. With a design that is something you can wear any day, any where. 

Celebrate yourself. Celebrate Pride. 

Visit the Collection Page and your state. 

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