Become an Ambassador

Do you like what you see? Do you want to share your story? Do you want to represent yourself and 50 States of Gay? 

It’s pretty simple.  If you are willing to share some social media posts with our audience, and tag us in other posts, we would love to share some discounted merchandise with you. 

  • Take a picture or pictures of what you are doing, where you are going, with the 50 States of Gay logo, shirt, etc.  Model it to the best of your ability. 
  • Tag us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or YouTube. You can also send us any media, and we can post it directly as well. 
  • Share a story about yourself. We are happy to post on social media, in our Blog, etc. 
  • Smile. 
  • Express yourself.

We are all people from all walks of life. We hike, dance, eat, breathe, eat, and sleep. The rest is ketchup. Or gravy. Or whatever. 

We’d love you to love us. And spread the love. 

Reach out to us here, and we will follow up with you.