Custom Designs

Want us to take one of our designs and add information about your organization? 

Customize the design with your group name? 

Add a logo to one of our designs?  

Sure. We can do that. 

We’d be happy to work with you to customize one of our designs so that it can be used by you, your group, organization, school, non-profit. 

Some examples of customization would be adding a name or other text to the bottom or side of a design, to promote your group.  We can also take a logo or design element and place it on the design, or somewhere on the item. Placement can be on the front of a shirt, back of a shirt, or other options. 

If you like the Rainbow Sunset Pride design, but would like to have another version of the Pride flag, let us know. We will work with you. ( Rainbow, Asexuality, Bear culture, Bisexuality, Intersex, Lesbianism, Non-binary, Pansexuality, Transgender ). 

We can work with a printer or one of our fulfillment partners to get shirts, hats, or other items made for you. 

Please contact us with what you might be interested in, and we can help you get it put together. 

May be subject to minimum order size and fee.