Pride Month.

Happy Pride. We are heading into Pride season. When many cities and states around the U.S.  celebrate Gay Pride / LGBT Pride. And in fact, the world celebrates Pride. Countries all over the globe host Pride celebrations

Pride is typically celebrated in the month of June, to commemorate the Stonewall Riot, New York City, of 1969.  Now in the 50th year of Pride celebrations, how has it changed? What does Pride mean for you?

Often times there is a parade, a festival, parties, dances, and other events. Allowing gay, queer, lesbian, transgender, and inclusive people, allies, friends, etc, to enjoy and celebrate themselves.  

Pride can be everyday. The life you live. Where you live it. How you live it.

What does Pride mean to you?  Celebrate as you see fit for yourself.

Color your state. Color your life.

Happy Pride.

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