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When was the first Pride Parade? 

Fifty years ago this weekend, June 28, 1970, was the first Gay Pride demonstration and march.  The Christopher Street Liberation Day Parade, commemorated the Stonewall Riots that took place the year before.  If there were Parades this year, this would have been the 50th Annivesary of that first March. Along with the usual Pride festivals and events that take place on many weekends in the month of June. Known to most of us as Pride Month.  This date is also now recognized as Stonewall Day. An initiative that started in 2018, by the group Pride Live. ( ) Their mission is: dedicated to accelerating awareness and support for the LGBTQ+ community via social advocacy and community engagement to advance...

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This is a strange time for all of us, so we have taken some inspiration from our current situation to create new designs.  We feel that these represent part of what we are experiencing, what we are going through, where we have been, and where we are going. As a person, and as a country.  Our goal is to provide a positive and uplifting message.  The collection is America: America STRONG, America PROUD, America HAPPY. Each one represents you. 

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Lucky or unlucky?

Welcome to the month of March. Is it beware the Ides of March, stay home on Friday the 13th, or shake a lucky shamrock for St Patty’s Day?    As we transition into Spring, there will tshirt days, long sleeve days, and maybe even some tank top days.  There will still be some winter and some warm days.  One thing for sure, we can start to think Green. Trees. Grass. St. Patrick’s Day.  Are you feeling it? The brand that goes with you wherever you are and wherever you go. Take us with you. 

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Heart of the U.S. - The Month of Love

Some of us will look forward to the Valentine’s Holiday on the 14th of February. So for that, we have created a few Heart designs. The designs are also universal and don’t have to be specific to just Valentine’s. The message is love. Love me. Love you.   Take a look and happy early Valentines Day. We are also currently offering free shipping on any order over $45. Do you have an idea for a design or concept? Please let us know. We would love your input and feedback.  Love.  50 States of Gay

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2020 January - Happy New Year

Welcome to 2020! Are you seeing clearly after the end of the year holiday rush and any New Year’s festivities?  We have re-launched our Snowflake Pride designs in the Winter 2020 Collection on our website. There you will find hoodies, ¾ sleeve shirts, long sleeves, as well as some t-shirts and coffee mugs with our festive rainbow colored snowflakes. Make sure you are ready for your winter adventure, cooler temperatures, or a trip to any of the ski weeks that will be taking place in the next couple of months.  Here are a few events that we are aware of this month:  Aspen Gay Ski Week - Aspen, Colorado. January 12 - 19. Whistler Pride and Ski Festival....

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