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When was the first Pride Parade? 

Fifty years ago this weekend, June 28, 1970, was the first Gay Pride demonstration and march.  The Christopher Street Liberation Day Parade, commemorated the Stonewall Riots that took place the year before.  If there were Parades this year, this would have been the 50th Annivesary of that first March. Along with the usual Pride festivals and events that take place on many weekends in the month of June. Known to most of us as Pride Month.  This date is also now recognized as Stonewall Day. An initiative that started in 2018, by the group Pride Live. ( ) Their mission is: dedicated to accelerating awareness and support for the LGBTQ+ community via social advocacy and community engagement to advance...

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November - Happy Holigay

It's November! That means we made it through October and Halloween, and the first ten months of the year. So now it's almost Thanksgiving and the holiday season with Christmas. We've put together a holiday /winter design collection that includes snowflakes, Christmas trees, and a Happy Holigay slogan design. Check it out here:  The designs are on a selection of primarily shirts: short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve and hoodies. We can easily add other colors or items. So let us know if there is something you would like to see. Happy Holidays to you and yours.  Cheers from 50 States of Gay. 

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